Fitting Your Existing Bike

Without doubt, it's pepople having trouble with the fit of their existing bikes that fill most of our appointment schedule.  Let me tell you, there's nothing like the feeling of taking someone who's uncomfortable on their bike, and making them not only comfortable, but powerful and efficient too.  We've been jokingly called magicians, but really we simply follow some very sound principles and, most of all, we listen to our clients.

There are two levels of bike fit: the Basic Fit, and the MoCap (Motion Capture) Fit.  Both are comprehensive bike fittings, but the MoCap Fit is clearly more detailed, and we feel our clients get the most out of them.Whatever level of fit you choose, however, the most important thing to us is that we make sure you're fitted properly to your bike, and ride happily with it for as long as you call it your own.

If you come to us for an existing fit, you'll typically need to carve out about two hours of your time, and be prepared to ride inside as well as outside.  We pride oursleves on making the experience both fun and informative - our goal is to not only fit you porperly, but to provide you with the knowledge of why you fit to your bike the way you do.  Expect to answer questions about your typial rides, your goals for the future, and any aches and pains you might be encountering.  Every fit is a little different as our clients all bring their unique abilities, body types, and cycling-related problems.  The most important thing to you is that we treat you as an individual, not a generic automaton who fits to a bike the exact same way as everyone else.  We've never fit an "average" person, and suspect we never will.

Along With Your Fit...

There are a few extras you should be prepared to purchase during your fit.  Since reach is the biggest problem facing most of our clients with existing bikes, we install new stems quite frequently.  The price of stems varies a great deal depending on how "Gucci" you want to get - $30.00 to $500.00 with every price in between - the cost is up to you.  Likewise, we change a lot of saddles during bike fits, and these, too, offer a wide range of prices.  We have saddles for all budgets, starting at about $45.00, but the average cost is $120 to $150.  If you have saddle issues, you're typically willing to pay the appropriate price, and if those issues are severe, there's likely nothing you wouldn't pay for relief; however, we never forget these add-ons can quickly sap your budget, and offer many different options for you to try first hand before you decide which saddle, or stem, is best for you.

We Have a Foot Fetish

Of the best "deals" we offer during a fit relates to foot comfort and efficiency.  Placing you feet in the proper position for a powerful and efficient pedal stroke is the foundation of a good fit, and we'll conduct a fairly extensive foot assessment at the beginning of your fit session.  The overwhelming majority of cyclists have mis-aligned feet on their bikes causing discomfort, pain, and loss of power in the pedal stroke.  Fortunately, the fix for these issues is usually quite simple and easy to achieve.  The use of Cleat Wedges, or some instances, In The Shoe (ITS) Wedges, will almost always do the trick, and help create a smooth, powerful pedal stroke.

Yes, But What If...

It would be dishonest of us if we said we could fit every person who comes through our doors.  Sometimes people have bikes that simply don't fit...not even close.  We do our very best to make your bike fit you as well as it possibly can, but we can't always make a good fit appear when it's just not possible.  You can be sure we'll be honest with you during these times, and do all we can to help you out.


At a time when many of us don't have the extra money to purchase a new bike, a great fit on your existing bike can make it feel new again, and make you feel more comfortable and powerful.  Bike fits are the best investment you can make as a cyclist.