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Wednesday Rides are Back!

Courtesy of the OC Wheelmen. $10 Gift Card Raffle every week, courtesy of us.
Leaves at 5:30 p.m. sharp!

SRAM eTAP Road and Aero Groups are In Stock

The wireless revolution has arrived.

Time for a New Helmet?

Did you know that the foam in helmets does not keep its resilience forever?

Trade your old one in for a new POC. Drop by for details.


2016 models arriving daily. Call or come in for details.

2016 Cannondale Special

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SRAM eTAP In Stock

Pretty damn cool. Are you ready?

Motiv Bikes - Call For Special Pricing

Thinking of going electric?

Motiv produces some of the best available.
Call for special pricing.

Good on in stock and special order bikes.

Felt IA 10, "IA 14" and AR5

We have hard to find size 48s

JAMIS 2016

Nice finish. Great spec. Most important - a great ride.

Drop by. Try one. And ask about our intro special.

2016 Felt IA 10 and AR 5

The relentless pursuit of making bikes that laugh at the term "wind resistance" goes on.


You were impressed with the Cannondale CAAD. So were we. With the CAAD 12, Cannondale has set new standards for aluminum bikes. The legendary stiffness and response is even better, and the ride is…sublime? Can you really use "sublime" and "aluminum" together? Apparently so.

The rumors and whispers were right. ENVE's SES 2.2 rim is light, with a refined braking track that has reviewer's heads spinning. It's available in tubular and clincher — and the clincher is tubeless-compatible. As usual, you have a choice of DT and Chris King hubs: but that's been augmented with ENVE's new carbon hub set. In tubular, it's only 1,063 grams per pair with this hub. The clincher comes in at 1,275 grams with the new hub.

STRAIGHT OUTTA CAMBIAGO (and other places)
from those crazy Italians.
Life with Panache!

Limited production runs (so they say) per size of C60 Tricolor and V1-Rs. Complete bikes only!

The C60 Tricolor has Italian-themed Campy Super Record components and Campy Bora 50 tubulars or clinchers. See the colors here.

Vi-Rs, Colnago's lightest, are speced with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 drivetrains and Lighweight Meilenstein tubular wheels.See the colors here.

The Arabesque will be limited in sizes and numbers to the quantity of lugs "discovered" in a dark corner of the warehouse. Great backstory by Matt Phillips in Bicycling.

The Sidi Chris Froome/Team Sky Wires have a race fit and a narrow preorder window. Speak up or miss out.


20% Off All Vittoria Corsa CX and Rubino Pro clinchers. Good through May 31, 2015.

Felt's "Little Bastard"

We often see bikes with odd names and obscure meanings: and there are many more in circulation.

So Felt's "Little Bastard" shows up and we spend the day playing with the name, which is still going on. We bet you can have some fun with it (both the name and the bike).

Oh - it's named after James Dean's famous Porsche.


Muc-Off is a UK-based company with a quirky sense of humor and a burgeoning line of innovative products that don't all involve bicycles. But we can't all be perfect.

Drop in and check out an eclectic line of lubes, bike cleaning supplies, personal cleaning supplies and what may be the slickest and quietest chain lube you've ever used. That would be the C3 Ceramic Wet and Dry. Biodegradable and petroleum-free. Premium price—and premium performance. Anyway, what other lube comes with a black light and has its own video?

Oh - if you've been on the hunt for Continental Gatorskin 700x23 and 25 tires, we've got ‘em.

Having trouble finding Continental 4000S II Tires?

You are not alone. How a company in this day and age could be out of such a great and in-demand product escapes us. The best ETA we get is "…the end of October. Maybe."

So if "Maybe" is too iffy for you and you've got some events coming up...we do have some in stock, in 23c and 25c.

Motiv Bikes - Call For Special Pricing

Thinking of going electric?

Motiv produces some of the best available. Call for special pricing.

Good on in stock and special order bikes.

Parlee Demo Bikes!

Finally. We have a selection of Parlee demo bikes. But only for a week. ESX, Z-Zero disc and more.

Join Team Irvine Bicycles

Join Team Irvine Bicycles, and get a Team Deal on a Cannondale Bike.

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This just in! SIDI is offering Pro Tour team edition shoes in the USA this year. SIDI shoes are legendary for comfort and longevity, and the Wire Vent Carbon models have pushed this reputation exponentially higher.

The shoes are available for order through March 31, and are expected to be delivered in August.

Oh - if theses colors are too daring for your sensibilities, the classic Black Vernice, White Vernice, and Red/White Vernice are available now.


We managed to score a few Deep Six and MP bikes...oops, there goes a Deep Six. They will be here and gone before we know it.


It seems like forever since rumors about a Colnago C60 started (it was a year or two ago, at least) and, with a rush, today all is revealed.

This is clearly a Colnago, with its Master-proven star-shaped tubes...and "Colnago" inscribed about anywhere it would fit...but it's a step beyond and a technological tour de force.

It's easy to understand why the C59 was named: in most of it's DNA it's a C50, but improved.

The C60 has been reworked. Star-shaped lugs to match the tubes, new dropouts, bigger but lighter tubes, a new BB standard (really?), even reworked bottle cage mounts.

C59s stay in the line for a season or two. Initial reports hinted that the C60 might be a little stiffer in its ride, but you can expect the C60 will end up being the go-to bike sooner rather than later.

Delivery info soon. Preorders are being accepted.

More info at


This may be up there with the paper clip as a brilliant but simple invention. Keep on Kovers give your Speedplay Zero, Light Action or X cleats a walking surface that doesn't impinge on the pedal's entry or release. And they stay on your shoes.

Aside from giving you a better grip when off the bike, your cleats will last far longer, too. Now back in stock!


As far as we can tell the dog ate Felt's production schedule. We've been waiting for these since September.

The Deep 6 is back, as is a revamped MP. The 1909 is new.

As usual, demand will outstrip production.

Our humble advice? Get ‘em while they're available.


Motive Electric Bikes are one answer.

(Racks and bags are optional)


We just received a new Cobb Gen 2 demo saddle (and the equally-new integrated rear bottle mount and neatly "hidden" seat bag). It's the next member of the Cobb family of saddles, which seem to arrive as more specific bike fitting needs crop up. In the words of The Man himself:

"The new Gen 2 saddle was designed specifically for triathletes or road racers that use a less aggressive aero position. It has an extended range of adjustment, great pressure relief, and ultra narrow design for no upper hamstring interference. It offers extra clearance for upper Hamstring clearance and a full front deep channel for extra pressure relief. This is not a saddle for nose riding, this seat design cradles the rider to help relieve lower back pressure. The central cutout also greatly aids with cooling airflow to help keep the chamois area from staying too wet and causing chaffing."


We are shortlisted to get a few of these by mid-November. It's one cool cruiser. If you want one, we are taking deposits: first come, first served.

Call for details.


Sidi is to Italian cycling shoes what Colnago is to bikes: a legendary product that's carefully designed and crafted, and with a feel and personality all its own.

We're stocking a very broad size range of Sidi shoes, including sizes up to 50 (U.S. 15) and Mega widths. If we don't have your model we usually get it in 2-3 days. For a limited time, mention coupon code MO LOVES SIDI for 10% off in-store or special-order shoes.


It's well know that Colnago and Ferrari have had a long collaboration and it has bred some pretty special limited-edition bikes, with innovations that have trickled down to many Colnago models.

So, when one of our customers offered his jet-black Ferrari 430 for a photo op, we rounded up three 2012 C59s (Nero) and went to town.

(No, he wouldn't let us do a comparison at which had a higher top speed.)

By the celebration of Ernesto Colnago's 80th birthday, there's a new special-edition bike, the C59 Ottanta. Only eighty will be made. Twenty have been spoken for. So what are you doing with your tax refund this year?


This came to us courtesy of Jeff, one of our customers, who clearly has fine taste in cars and bicycles... and likes going as fast as the wind.

The car: 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider
The bike: 2012 Colnago CX-1

(Think he has a Sophia Loren poster in his garage, and a Cinzano jersey on the wall above the work bench?)

New! Fizik Kurve Saddles

If you've seen the press reports and early reviews of Fizik's new Kurve saddles, we bet you've been as curious about them as we are.

The wait is over, and they have arrived.

There are three models: Kurve Bull, Chameleon, and Snake, following the "Spine Concept" of the Aliante ("Bull"), Antares ("Chameleon") and Arione ("Snake").

But aside from mimicking the shapes of their siblings, the new saddles are, to borrow the Monty Python line, "Something completely different." There's flexible multi-layered carbon shells going where no foam has gone before, a one piece Mobius Rail, and, with a nod to sister company Brooks, two modules to let you adjust saddle flex.

This Just In: Irvine Bicycles Customer Pips the Peloton on Alpe d'Huez!

Chen Alpe 2011

We're pleased to report that our customer Steve. crossed the storied Alpe d'Huez Stage 19 finish line before any of the Tour favorites.

Not by seconds... or minutes. Steve beat 'em all by two days.

OK, so he wasn't really racing.
It's still cool to make it up this legendary climb.