No, this isn't a link to an on-line shopping cart or other sort of internet bike ordering system. There are two reasons for this.

First, the bike lines we carry request that we don't sell and ship current models unless they're purchased at the shop. It's a request that we honor. And if you've had any experience with trying to order a bike on-line, you probably have seen the bold-faced "Must Purchase In-Store" why bother with the charade?

Second, it’s very rare that the shop has all the sizes and colors listed in the drop-down menu. So your bike may have to be ordered, which you should know up-front. Why tie up your credit otherwise?

If you're in the market for a bike we'd prefer to actually see you ride on what you're considering, and spend the time to let you explore the options and alternatives that we carry. There are many great bikes being produced (yes, even ones we don't happen to stock), and speaking as objectively as possible, there is no perfect bike, although every manufacturer will tell you otherwise. Bikes have different personalities in how they fit, feel, and perform, and it's something you really can't appreciate on paper.